Stainless And Waterproof Scoreboards

Product Details

Auxiliary display for weighing device by viewing weighing result from long distance. Auxiliary display for weighing system by connecting with computer with matching output format. Weighing indicator should be equipped with corresponding communication interface to connect with scoreboard.

1.Dynamic scan flip-latching technology (YHL-1/3/5/5S/5K/5G)
2.Static and dynamic scan flip-latching technology (YHL-8)
3.High-lighted digital segment and broad eyesight
4.Gross or net weight display from indictor or other output system
5.Display character: 18-bit LED with character height 75mm (YHL-3/3 steel housing)
6.Display character: 6-bit LED with character height 75mm(YHL-3 steel housing)
7.Display character: 6-bit LED with character height 125mm (YHL-5 steel housing)
8.Display character: 6-bit LED with character height 125mm(YHL-5S,character LED, water proof housing)
9.Display character:6-bit LED with character height 125mm (YHL-5G,dot LED, water proof housing)
10.Display character: 6-bit LED with character height 200mm (YHL-8 steel housing)
11.Display character: 6-bit LED with character height 25mm(YHL-1 steel housing)
13.Communication interface:current loop way/RS232.
14.Operating temperature:0-40℃.
15.Operating humidity:≤85%RH.
16.Nonstandard Function( Optional, please inform sales staff if need).
17.Connection to PC function.
18.(Output format of PC should be offered by customer).
19.Connection to other indicator function (Corresponding manual for indicator or sample should be offered).
20.Wireless scoreboards is available.

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